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God doesn’t want the « perfect believer » , He wants YOU!

« Oh God. I’m a mess. Such a terrible M.E.S.S. I’m not worthy to serve you. I’m not enough for the plan you have prepared for my life. I can’t, Lord. You can’t ask that of me, it’s too much. Why me, Lord, of all people? Why did you choose me? I’m not enough. II’m too much of a sinner to be called your child. I’m a living failure. I’m not worthy. I’m stuck so deep in my darkness that it’s mathematically impossible for me to get out of it. You have a funny sense of humor, Lord, saying that I’m the light of the world. It’s not possible. No… Please.. Couldn’t you choose someone else? Someone better, stronger, than me? A braver, kinder person? Anyone BUT me?  » That was me one day, crying out to my Heavenly Father. When God softly answered: « I love you, no matter what. ALL I WANT IS YOU. You are enough because in me you are enough. You are the light of the world because I say you are and through me, you are called to shine. I don’t want you to be perfect. ALL I WANT IS YOU. »


As a young Christian, I used to think that I had to do things to earn God’s love. Obviously that was, is and will never be possible. This resulted into thoughts like « I’m not worthy », « I’m not enough ». Which is true when we look at man’s sinful nature, but no longer when we consider the real nature God has given us as His children. Because we have received a new Spirit: « The Spirit you received does not make you slaves, so that you live in fear again; rather, the Spirit you received brought about your adoption to sonship.[a] And by him we cry, “Abba,[b] Father.” Romans 8.15

« Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here! » 2. Corinthians 5.17.This means that God has prepared a new life here for us and the only thing he is waiting is for us to actually go for it! For we are no longer defined by what we DO, but are fully justified and defined by WHO we have are and have become: « Now you are no longer a slave but God’s own child. And since you are his child, God has made you his heir. » Galatians 5.7

There isn’t a perfect Christian, because there are imperfect humans alone and one and only perfect God. During the time of Jesus’ ministry, the Pharisees, religious people, studying and teaching the law, living under the law rather than under grace, completely missed the point by thinking obedience to the law would open them the gates of Heaven. There were sticking to-do lists and no-to-do-lists, thinking they could somehow earn God’s mercy and kindness. That separated them even more from God than what they could imagine. They were believing more in their own strengths than in God’s power. The truth is : We cannot earn God’s love, and many people lose a lifetime afer chasing perfection and fake holiness in order to please God, ending up like the Pharisees, sining which litterealy means missing the point. There are sorrowly mistaken, thinking God is the God of the Law, rather than the God of love.

We need to stop performing. Because ultimately, when we do perform, we somehow expect God to give us the praise and adoration for our actions that He actually deserves, completely twisting around the order God created at the beginning of all things! Sin twists that around and we need to run far, far away from it!! But the good news is, sin doesn’t have the last word! Only Jesus has!

Sin makes us believe that our actions say WHO we are. Thinking it becomes our identity. We need to break the lie of the enemy saying we are beyond saving, that our sin is bigger than God’s forgiveness. God’s victory over sin is greater than our failures and mistakes. God’s forgiveness and love is deeper and wider than the trap we find ourselves in. We need to stop running away from grace to run towards grace.


We need to understand that EVERYTHING comes from God, including the amazing gifts of faith, grace, forgiviness, meaning that « We love Him, because he first loved us. » 1.Jean 4.19. God reached for us first. He deserves the praise and the adoration! And He alone! Let grace tell us who we are: the beloved children of God, wanting to become every day more like Jesus. We should obey God. Not because we need to DO, because we WANT TO. We should choose obedience because of our love for Him. Sincere love and faith leading to sincere obedience. Even for loving and obeying Him, there is grace for us on our faith journey. Jesus said: « Loving me will empowers you to obey my word. » John 14.23. Powerful! Right?

Our identity is in Christ, is found in the freedom He has given us. « For you were called to freedom, brothers. Only do not use your freedom as an opportunity for the flesh, but through love serve one another. » Galatians 5.13 This is our God-given purpose, to serve the Lord in loving and serving others, as we will always be « Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith; who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God. » Hebrews 12.2


Hey, you. The first thing God created you to be is unique. God is an artist and he shaped you and your character « wonderfully ». You are a masterpiece, God’s « worksmanship », litteraly coming from the Greek word « poiema », our current English word for « poem ». Wow! You are God’s poetry, how amazing is that? God designed you to be unique. He wants you to be YOU!

Yet, sadly sin separated us from God. And we fell under the rule of sin, being unable to please God. But this isn’t what God created us to be! He had and has more in stock! He sent Jesus for us, dying on a wooden cross, breaking therefore the rule of sin to call us to come under his grace! On our own we are unworthy, not enough and we can’t manage. We are weak and unqualified, let’s not pretend. But this is not who God called us to be!

God wants to turn the mess of your life into a glorious landscape! He wants to transform this stubbordness of yours into an unshakable determination for His kingdom, your over-sensitivity into a fierce heart of compassion beating for others, your need to be picky into a standard of excellence, your short-fused temper for a deep sense of justice, your intensity for an inspiring passion for Jesus! He wants you and your flaws to transform them into something flaw-some, turn your flaws into something awesome! There are things that God only wants to do through YOU, He wants to partner with you to impact with love and boldness the life of others around you, using your personnality, all the things that makes you YOU, your abilities and strengths in a unique and perfect way!

With a lot of grace, love, and respect, I want to tell us. And myself inclued. To stop comparing the masterpiece we are with others! Stop being shallow about our faith. Stop trying to upgrade our fake holiness! Stop pretending. Stop being self-centered. We need to be honest. Be real. Be authentic. And we need to start praying! Let Him bring us to be God-focused. And let’s confess together :

« Lord, here I come, once again. Please, forgive me for having thought what I do is more important than who You say I am. Thank you for being the perfection I could never be. Thank you for giving me Your Son Jesus as Savior and model of faith. Thank you because I don’t need to do nor to perform, Your love is enough! Please, let your love and grace define me and become my utmost priority. Please turn my heart into a heart of worship. I want to sing Your praise and to serve you with my life. I want to be the person You’ve created me to be. Please do that in my life. Thank you Lord, for all that You have done and will do. May Your name be praised and Your will be done! In Jesus name I pray, amen. »

Stay blessed, Christina ❤

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Ce matin, en étudiant la Bible, c’est en croisant les passages des Évangiles de Matthieu et de Luc, au chapitre 1, que j’ai été immensément touchée par l’attitude d’obéissance de Joseph et de Marie, parents de Jésus, lorsque Dieu a manifesté Son plan pour leurs vies. Leurs réponses profondément ancrées dans la foi, m’ont littéralement jeté par terre. D’où le titre de cet article. La naissance de Jésus est une histoire que j’ai lu des centaines de fois. Et pourtant, Dieu peut nous révéler une infinité de facettes différentes d’un même passage biblique, pour nous permettre de mieux comprendre qui Il est. Nous devons simplement en faire notre prière et Dieu répond. Il m’a répondu aujourd’hui.


Penchons nous sur le passage qui relate l’apparition de l’ange Gabriel auprès de Marie (Luc 1.30-35) : « L’ange lui dit: Ne crains point, Marie; car tu as trouvé grâce devant Dieu. 31Et voici, tu deviendras enceinte, et tu enfanteras un fils, et tu lui donneras le nom de Jésus. 32Il sera grand et sera appelé Fils du Très-Haut, et le Seigneur Dieu lui donnera le trône de David, son père. 33Il règnera sur la maison de Jacob éternellement, et son règne n’aura point de fin. 34Marie dit à l’ange: Comment cela se fera-t-il, puisque je ne connais point d’homme? 35L’ange lui répondit: Le Saint-Esprit viendra sur toi, et la puissance du Très-Haut te couvrira de son ombre. C’est pourquoi le saint enfant qui naîtra de toi sera appelé Fils de Dieu. »

Incroyable, la nouvelle que l’ange annonce à Marie ! Quelques éléments de contexte permettent de mieux comprendre les enjeux cruciaux du passage. Marie était fiancée à Joseph, un charpentier issue de la lignée de David. Les fiançailles représentaient un engagement très fort, notamment sur le plan social. Or, la grossesse de Marie pendant cette période-là, constituait une preuve irréfutable d’infidélité, pouvant avoir des conséquences fatales. En effet, à cette époque-là, les femmes reconnues comme coupables d’adultère étaient lapidées sur la place publique. Si elles échappaient à la mort, ces femmes étaient rejetées par leur famille et devaient mendier voire même se prostituer pour survivre, tout en subissant la stigmatisation perpétuelle de leurs contemporains. Ce sort terrible aurait pu devenir celui de Marie, si Joseph l’avait rejeté. Et elle le savait. De plus, reconnaître publiquement qu’elle était tombée enceinte de façon surnaturelle l’exposait encore davantage au rejet et aux moqueries des autres.

C’est là que se trouve l’incroyable ! C’est en connaissant les risques, en ayant conscience des souffrances potentielles, des humiliations et des difficultés à venir que Marie a fait un CHOIX. Elle a fait le choix de croire. Le choix de l’obéissance. Le choix de servir. Une décision radicale, changeant sa vie à jamais, qu’elle exprime avec une simplicité et une humilité déboussolantes et merveilleuses, au verset 38 (Luc 1), en répondant à l’ange : « Je suis la servante du Seigneur. Que ta parole s’accomplisse pour moi ! » Sa réponse signifiait qu’elle était prête à sacrifier sa vie entière pour la consacrer au plan que Dieu avait préparé pour elle. Un plan divin unique, absolument incroyable et merveilleux! Donner la vie au Sauveur de l’humanité, dans des circonstances surnaturelles, humainement incompréhensibles!


Maintenant, posons notre arrière-train sur une chaise, et réfléchissons une demie-seconde. Marie avait un choix à faire. Un choix, cela implique la liberté (une liberté que Dieu nous a généreusement accordé, en nous créant comme des êtres libres), c’est-à-dire avoir la possibilité d’accepter ou de refuser, de suivre ou de s’enfuir. Prends ta respiration. Alors, que se serait-il passé si Marie avait choisi la peur ou la désobéissance ? L’histoire de l’humanité entière en aurait été radicalement bouleversée! Alors pourquoi est-ce que nous sous-estimons autant le choix que nous à faire pour notre propre vie? Pourquoi sous-estimer l’impact que notre vie va avoir dans celles des autres? Dieu a préparé un plan unique pour chacune de nos vies, pour laisser une empreinte divine unique autour de nous. Par ta personnalité, tes expériences, tes forces, Dieu t’as placé dans un endroit unique afin que tu sois un « ambassadeur pour Christ »(2 Corinthiens 5.20) unique! Il y a des choses que Dieu veut faire uniquement au-travers de toi. Alors, il est évident que la réponse que tu donneras à Dieu va immensément influencer le cours de ta vie!

Regarde. Dieu a permis tant de fois dans la Bible aux personnes qu’on pensait les moins qualifiées, les moins adéquates, les moins capables et les plus improbables d’accomplir de grandes choses conformément à Sa volonté! Pourquoi avoir oint David, le plus jeune, le moins expérimenté et le moins considéré des fils de Jessé, pour devenir roi d’Israël? Pourquoi avoir rendue « celle que l’on appelait la stérile » (Luc 1.36), Élisabeth, enceinte du futur Jean-Baptiste, l’homme qui annoncera la venue du Messie Jésus et le baptisera d’eau ? Pourquoi avoir permis à une jeune femme vierge comme il y en avait tant d’autres, de donner la vie au Sauveur du monde? Pourquoi Dieu a choisi l’homme effrayé et incertain appelé Moïse, qui répondit au Seigneur, manifesté devant lui sous la forme d’un buisson ardent: « Qui suis-je, moi, pour aller trouver le pharaon et pour faire sortir les Israélites d’Égypte? » (Exode 3. 11)


La lignée de Jésus est un parfait exemple pour montrer la bonté, la miséricorde (le fait de ne pas recevoir ce qu’on mérite) et la grâce (la faveur divine imméritée) de Dieu pour les hommes. L’ultime preuve que « rien ne peut nous séparer de l’amour de Dieu manifesté en Jésus Christ notre Seigneur » (Romains 8.39), car aucun péché (parmi les nombreux) commis des ancêtres de Jésus, n’était trop grand pour contrecarrer le plan de Dieu, s’accomplissant au-travers de leurs vies, permettant à la vie de Jésus d’exister, au sens génétique du terme . Il y avait des personnes de foi. Comme Ruth, dont la loyauté envers sa belle-mère Naomi (« Mais Ruth répondit : Où tu iras, j’irai, où tu demeureras je demeurerai ; ton peuple sera mon peuple, et ton Dieu sera mon Dieu. » Ruth 1.16 ) l’inscrira à jamais dans la lignée de Jésus, pour devenir la grand-mère de David, ancêtre de Jésus. Ou encore comme Abraham,à qui Dieu avait promis un fils alors qu’il n’était plus en âge de devenir père qui « ne douta point, par incrédulité, au sujet de la promesse de Dieu; mais il fut fortifié par la foi, donnant gloire à Dieu, et ayant la pleine conviction que ce qu’il promet il peut aussi l’accomplir. » (Romains 4.20-21).

Les voies de Dieu sont insondables ! Il a aussi permis à des personnes de mauvaise réputation d’accomplir sa volonté, comme Rahab, qui étaient une prostituée, qui enfantera d’un fils, qui deviendra l’époux de Ruth : « C’est par la foi que Rahab la prostituée ne périt pas avec les rebelles, parce qu’elle avait reçu les espions avec bienveillance. » (Hébreux 11.31). Des personnes ayant commis des péchés terribles, figurent également dans la lignée de Jésus, comme le roi de Juda, Manassé qui « fit ce qui est mal aux yeux de l’Éternel en imitant les pratiques abominables des nations que l’Éternel avait dépossédées devant les Israélites. » (2 Rois 21.2), se rendant coupable d’idolâtrie, d’occultisme, de divination…

Il n’y a aucune vie qui soit trop entachée par le péché, pour que Dieu ne vienne sauver et pardonner. Il n’y a aucun chaos que Dieu ne puisse restaurer. Aucun fossé qui ne soit trop profond, aucun ténèbre qui ne soit trop sombre ! Même des situations extrêmes et mauvaises, Dieu a pu en faire des choses pour Sa gloire. Rien n’est impossible à Lui !


Dieu n’a pas besoin de nous. C’est nous, qui avons désespérément besoin de Lui ! Cependant, Dieu fait le choix incroyable et incompréhensible pour nous, motivé par l’amour seul, d’entrer en relation avec nous, alors que nous ne le méritons pas. Dieu, dans sa grandeur et sa bonté insaisissables, fait le choix de créer une alliance avec nous : non seulement, Il nous aime tellement profondément qu’Il est prêt à nous appeler Ses enfants et à pardonner toutes nos iniquités ! Et Il nous inclus dans l’accomplissement de Sa volonté , en préparant un plan merveilleux et incroyable pour notre vie ! C’est insensé ! Et pourtant, c’est vrai !! La question est : vas-tu être spectateur ou acteur de la volonté de Dieu ?

Pendant de nombreuses années, ma foi était tiède, et ne représentait qu’un engagement intéressé de ma part. Je suivais et j’écoutais. Quand c’était pratique. Quand c’était arrangeant. Quand c’était confortable. Dès que je sortais de ma zone de confort, je démissionnais. Puis, un jour l’absurdité de ma réponse m’a sauté aux yeux, et j’en ai eu marre, ras-le-bol de cette vie de demie-mesure, marre de faire semblant, marre de faire les choses à moitié. J’avais besoin de plus. Que ma vie trouve pleinement son sens. Et je savais que ce plus, c’était Dieu, et Dieu seul qui pouvait me le donner. Ce jour-là, Dieu a changé quelque chose en moi Je lui dit que j’étais prête et dans sa grâce, il m’a transformée. Un feu pour Lui est venu et ne m’a plus quitté. Mais, je suis tellement imparfaite. Je tombe, je chute et je retombe. Mais mes priorités ont changé, la direction vers laquelle je porte mon regard a changé. Et je prie chaque jour, pour que mes yeux continuent de se tourner vers Lui, et vers Lui seul.

Il n’est pas trop tard pour donner le feu vert à Dieu pour transformer ta vie ! Ma prière est que chaque matin, nous puissions nous jeter par terre devant Dieu, lui demander que par Sa grâce, nous soyons rendus capables de laisser tout derrière nous pour le suivre lui, lui seul. Toi, aussi, feras-tu des mots de Marie ta prière ?

« Je suis la/le servant(e) du Seigneur. Que ta parole s’accomplisse pour moi ! »

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So, we just overlooked the obvious coolness of the funny-strange-unique-beautiful-european-family-mess I’m in. But one truth about being a TCK I’ve been facing a lot, (and that many people don’t understand) is the following: You either have to embrace it or fight against it! OWN IT OR QUIT! I believe that TCK’s have to face challenges that they’ll need to figure out without the support of a human shoulder. I believe in another help, but we’ll come to that later. Basically, there are challenges that only TCK’s are dealing with. For example, the world’s your home. It’s amaazing. I have 3 different home countries. And I love everyone of them dearly, for various reasons. But there isn’t one single of my 3 countries where I fully and completely feel at home. I belong everywhere and nowhere at the same time.

Wether I’ll be in Germany, France or England, there will always a thing, a person or a moment that will remember my « specialness » and make me feel different, sooner or later. People mostly don’t realise. And I don’t hold that against them. But I feel different. Because I have an accent or I don’t understand what some guy said, or I used a word that isn’t accurate… Different because I don’t have the same cultural references, as the French/German/ Brits.. (« What you don’t know that movie/song?! » What’s wrong with you?) I must admit it’s hard to measure up. So different Sometimes, I could feel excluded. So excluded that I would feel homeless.

A few years ago, I decided to move to Germany for twelve months. It was one of my childhood dreams: the beautiful Germany of my holidays, the nice people, the good food, the language I love (Yeah, I guess I’m the only Frenchy that actually looves German, and I’m the only German that thinks French-is-a–rather-nice-language-but-let’s-not-over-do-it) I sincerely expected my German dudes to welcome me with open arms, I expected to find in Germany the home I felt like I never had to 100% in France. Well. How can I put it? It was an utter fail. I felt like a stranger in a country I thought was mine, but that didn’t feel like home for many months. Eventually, with time, I adjusted. But it was tough. Tougher, than I had expected. At that moment, the struggle was definetely real!

Every one of us needs a place that we can call our home, without even thinking. Every human being has such a deep longing for a home, for a safe haven, a place where we can truly be our authentic selves. A place where, no matter what, we know for sure that we will always belong to. I want to be honest with you. It’s an encounter that changed my life forever. An encouter that gave me a definite home. A far bigger, far higher home, than geographical borders, national identities, people’s opinions or personal emotions. A home that I will always call the same, no matter what I feel or what happens. A safe haven, like no other…

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Why on earth am I a Third Culture Kid? (1/3)

Your world doesn’t know any borders. Because your world is the World. You’re a human-combo of the most wonderful, unusual, crazy sort. You have an »ARIEL 3 in 1 pods » international-super-power that makes you absolutely unique. For better and worse, in sickness and in health! Wether you like it or not, this whole cross-cultural madness makes you outstanding. In an amazing, yet extremely weird way. One day, you litteraly feel like the less strings-attached person on earth and the most free world citizen that could ever exist. The next day, you need to check in the mirror to make sure you’re not some strange creature just landing from Mars. Any country could become your own, yet somehow you’re homeless. And alone, because you seem to fit perfectly nowhere. You have a potentially amazing life ahead of you, but sometimes this so-specialness of yours just freaks you out. Guess what, George? You’re a Third Culture Kid!


Let me give you a first-completely-bonkers-cross-cultural-vibe. So, I was born and I grew up in the South of France, with parents coming from Germany and England. #WowLuckyWW2IsOverDude! (Yeah, one of the usuals.) I always laugh when considering the weird, funny and explosive mix contained in my genes. I also laugh time and time again realising how my parents don’t realise how much they actually embody the cliché of their home country: a -wonderful-caring-very-honest-punctual-well-organised-utmost-reliable-Mom and an amazing-creative-enthusiastic-polite-with-the-Queen’s-English-slightly-eccentric-Dad. Now, no one will ever wonder again how it comes I turned up to be an open, pretty weird (you can add an « AND » if you wish to), bright in colours girl, travel-freak and social animal. It was a matter of survival! Really.

Honestly, I guess you could easily film a TV-series back at our home. We never realise how weird, funny and special we actually are(somehow my family manages to be the 3-in-one, just like the ARIEL pods), until visitors come for diner or something of the sort. Then, WE REALISE. That we speak simultaneously 3 languages at the table. I mean, it’s normal, right? I speak German with my Mom, she answers in English to my Dad, he replies in English to my brother who will logically switch into French while talking to me, ’cause otherwise that would be too awkward. Note to myself: Never speak German with my Dad. #ThatsSoAkward #ABritSpeakingGermanShouldWinAnOscarJustCauseHeHasTheGutsToTry. So yeah. We’re not normal and all that stuff, but like normal people, we have secret rules, so maybe we are more normal than you think.

Another cool thing is that you get to travel a lot. So you can see different, beautiful and ugly places at the same time, all year round because there’s always someone to visit. You can also toss a coin and play at heads or tails to know which passeport you’ll take with you for the next journey. It’s fun! If you love food like I do, you’re the lucky champion, for you’ll have the possibility to try a lot of different delicious dishes! (Truly, not every British meal is poison. Eventough Christmas Pudding is uneatable. #ReadingThisMyDadWillKillMe) And when you’re facing a I-need-to-lift-my-brows-because-the-guy-in-the-street-is-so-strange-situation, you can comfortably put the pop-corn out and comment the whole scene with your parent in the language of your choosing without anyone around understanding you. Hopefully. You can also decide to be as clever and lazy as I was, and choose a lot of language classes in order to insure you a daily nap and still manage. Yeah. You have a lot of options and fun things to do. That’s true. But like tossing a coin, there’s always another side to the story…

(Let’s head to part 2… )

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Because it’s tough being a young woman in a society that downgrades singleness. Because there is no shame in being single, nor for wanting it to change. Because your worth doesn’t depend on what some guy might think or say to you. You are so much more! Because every season of your life is precious and we sometimes lose our joy in hoping for something better to turn up, forgetting to live the present moment to its fullest. Because you have so much worth, and the situation you’re going through has some too. Because you’re simply unique and wonderfully precious. Because the Lord has a plan for your life that is as unique and precious as you. This is for you.


I have a very clear memory of the first wedding I attended to. I was probably 9 or 10 years old. I’ll never forget how amazed I was by the beauty of the bride: brightest smile ever, a silky veil glowing down her hair, the lace of her dress making it flow like a princess’s gown. I remember thinking: “One day, I’ll get married, and I’ll be as beautiful and radiant as her”. That day one of my biggest girl’s dreams was born. Like Sleeping Beauty, it went for a long sleep, and that was a good thing.

Later, as an older teenager, all my friends had their first boyfriend, first love story, first kiss, first, first, first… Sometimes, I felt some big loneliness moments, when I compared myself to others, or when my friends did: “What! You never had a boyfriend! What is wrong with you?” My point actually is: the wrongest thing that can happen to you in that matter, (and oh I know how painful that can be) is to let comparison make you doubt of who you are, and allow it to lower your self-esteem, destroy your self-confidence. When, because of others, a “there-must-be-something-wrong-with-me” thought pops up, you should seriously consider pressing on the “wait-a-minute- button”!

I’m seriously not an expert when it comes to relational or marital knowledge, but I can sincerely state the sayings of several married women I know, or quote different books on the topic. All together agree on the fact that you immediately need to get rid of the cliché presenting love relationships and then marriage as THE ultimate solution to ALL your problems. It won’t magically erase your struggles or your battles. It might even make them tougher to deal with, because all of the sudden, you will care about someone else than just yourself. The real questions we should ask ourselves are the following: Why do I have this desire that can’t wait to meet somebody?

What secret and implicit expectations do you have for your future somebody? Is it possible that you expect of a relationship to actually fill an inner void? This need to feel loved no matter what? To feel accepted, once and for all? Or, are all the others getting engaged or married, and you feel like you’re the only idiot that is left single? Do you see a relationship as the unique means to find that long-sought happiness? Or do you wait for some guy to give you the self-confidence you don’t have ? Do you need to hear from someone how beautiful, unique and precious you are?

Can you relate? If yes, that’s completely okay. Let me tell you honestly that I’m struggling with the same issues than you. We’re at least two ladies in that pretty mess. Reassuring, right? Know, that there’s nothing wrong in needing words of affirmation. We all need foundations in our lives. BUT. The WHOLE POINT is about WHO you’ll give the permission to say those things to you. It’s crucial because it will influence the following course of events in your life. There’s nothing wrong about wanting to meet your special person. We all have desires, and this is a legitimate one. So it’s OK. BUT. WHAT you do with your desires, and to WHOM you’ll open the door, that’s what it’s all about.

God created us all as free beings, so really, it’s up to you to accept or ignore what I’m about to say. It’s absolutely vital, for us, single young women to understand that the ONLY person that can change our DESPERATE SINGLENESS into a JOYFUL ONE, IS GOD HIMSELF, our wonderful Creator. The only one able to make us understand how unique and wonderful we are, is God. All you need to hear, He can say to you. The point is: will you let Him do that?


I have a far bigger dream, than my little girl’s one. The bigger dream, deep inside of me and probably inside of you too, is to please God, before to please to men! To become this woman according to God. And this begins by listening and knowing what He thinks of me, of you! So. Let’s get started!

1) You are unconditionally loved! The Lord appeared to us in the past, saying: “I have loved you with an everlasting love;
I have drawn you with unfailing kindness. »
Jeremiah 31. 3

2) You are precious ! « Since you are precious and honored in my sight,
    and because I love you… »
Isaiah 43.4

« For this is what the Lord Almighty says… For whoever touches you touches the apple of his eye. » Zechariah 2.8

3) You are beautiful ! « I thank you, High God – you’re breathtaking! Body and soul, I am marvelously made! I worship in adoration – what a creation! » Psalm 139.14 (The Message)

Come on, what a creation ! Just to emphazise that point, let me add a few picks of different Bible versions :

« I am fearfully and wonderfully made. » (New International Version)

« I was marvelously set apart » (Common English Bible)

« You made me in an amazing and wonderful way » (New Century Version)

« I have been remarkly… made. » (Christian Standard Version)

« I am awesomely made. » (Complete Jewish Bible)

4) You have a future ! « See, I am doing a new thing!
  Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?
I am making a way in the wilderness
and streams in the wasteland. 
» Isaiah 43.19 (NIV)

« Trust in the Lord with all your heart
    and lean not on your own understanding;
in all your ways submit to him,
    and he will make your paths straigh. 
» Proverbs 3 5-6 (NIV)

5) You are not alone !
« Jesus said : . And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age. » Matthew 28.20

« My God on whom I can rely. God will go before me… » Psalm 59.10

« You go before me and follow me.
    You place your hand of blessing on my head. »
Psalm 139.5

6) You are able ! « I can do all things through [a]Christ who strengthens me. » Philippians 4.13 (NKJV)


Let’s be honest for a moment, shall we? I’m the first idiot to come to God and mumble around, hoping to obtain secret details about my future special person. So, first of all, please, don’t do that. It’s stupid, a waste of time and completely fruitless. So, don’t bother. Actually, we should face the facts. When the right moment will come, the right person will bump into you. So. If the right person didn’t bump into you yet, that simply means it’s not the right timing yet. Ouch. That hurts.

Promise me, O women of Jerusalem, by the gazelles and wild deer, not to awaken love until the time is right.” Song of Solomon 2.7 (New Living Translation) Rather than showing impatience, we should be clothed in faith and patience. “In quietness and in confidence shall be your strength.” Isaiah 30.15 (AKJV)
For we know, as an unshakable assurance, that “God makes everything happen at the right time. » Ecclesiastes 3.11 (Contemporary English Version) / « He has made everything beautiful in its time.. » (New International Version) This means that “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.” (v.1), including “a time to love” (v.8).

So, friend, rather than shout out of impatience, let us shout to the Lord (« all the Earth let us sing, power and majesty, praise to the King ») and pour out our praise ! Let’s thank the Lord for this unique season he’s giving us. A season to learn, to grow, to get rooted deeper in our faith, to get to know Him better and better. God has already prepared a path for us, He shows us the way. Nevertheless, there are things you and I need to learn. It will probably be challenging and tough at times. But let us take heart, for we know it will be sooo much worth it ! And let us remember how important it is to be more and more the godly woman God wants us to be, as the one described in Proverbs 31  (here v 10) : « Who can find a worthy woman? For her price is far above rubies. » (New Heart English Version).

Let’s have a look at what « a worthy woman » according to the Bible, and thus pleasing to God, looks like :
« She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come. » (v.25, NIV) « She speaks with wisdom, and faithful instruction is on her tongue. » (v.26 NIV) « She dresses herself with strength and makes her arms strong. » (v.17,ESV) « She opens her arms to the poor and extends her hands to the needy. » (v.20, NIV)
« She has no fear of winter for her household, for everyone has warm clothes. » (v.21, NLT)

The first time I read that, it made me feel utterly incomplete and soo far from the goal, which is actually the case. Ouch. Some tricky business ahead, if you try it with your own strength. Sorry to already inform you, but all your attempts to manage alone will fail. I’ve been there so many times! We’re not called to casually manage « me, myself and I ». We’re called to partner with God, to enter into a Father/Daughter relationship, a purpose-giving, life-changing one. As this one grows, our part to play is to allow Him to transform us from the inside out. Only He can do it. This is why He alone is worthy of all the glory and the praise. What matters most importantly to God is not how beautiful, how successful, how kind or gifted we are. It’s the (v.30, NIV) : « woman who fears the LORD (that) is to be praised. » , a person that comes with a pure and open heart, devoted to listen and follow Him.

My prayer is that we stay focused on what God sees as a true woman’s beauty, as described in 1 Peter 3 v.3-4 : « Your beauty should not come from outward adornment, such as elaborate hairstyles and the wearing of gold jewelry or fine clothes. 4 Rather, it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God’s sight. »

First and foremost, let us keep God in the center of our hearts, minds and concerns. The point of our whole lives is to put Him first and to honor Him with our words, thoughts and actions. Let’s make of the pursuit of His will, the deepening of our knowledge of God and our relationship with Him our utmost priority. Believe that the season you’re in, is unique and precious. And it’s a necessary one ! ! So, make the most of it ! It’s a time that God can use purposefully to prepare you for your calling, or a future relationship but that last bit shouldn’t become your goal. You should aim at becoming more and more the woman God has created you to be, and focus on what you can do to honor and obey Him.

Please. Make (or re-make) the CHOICE TODAY to listen to the Lord and let Him tell you WHO you are and WHAT your worth is, rather than some good-looking guy that will tell you nice things. It’s hard, it’s tough ! I’ve been through this too. But never forget, you are NOT ALONE in this. You have the God of the whole universe, the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords, and the best friend that could possibly be, ON YOUR SIDE !

Take heart girl, and stay blessed !


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Une histoire de vaisselle

Je n’ai jamais aimé faire la vaisselle. Franchement, qui aime ça ? Mais toi, ça ne t’a jamais dérangé. Je me rappelle la grimace que j’ai tiré lorsqu’un jour, tu m’as dit que tes frères voulaient t’offrir un lave-vaisselle pour ton anniversaire, mais que tu avais catégoriquement refusé. Et je n’arrivais pas à comprendre. Mais maintenant des années plus tard, je comprends.

C’est drôle qu’un robinet de cuisine me fasse penser à toi. Aujourd’hui, j’ai réalisé que c’est la première fois que j’ai fait la vaisselle de mes propres mains dans ta maison. Pas que je ne proposais pas mon aide, mais tu étais à chaque fois là dans les parages pour m’arracher l’éponge des mains dès que je m’aventurais dans la cuisine, et que tu me disais que ce n’était pas à moi de le faire.
Aujourd’hui, tu n’es plus là dans les parages, et personne ne va venir m’arracher l’éponge des mains.

D’un coup, j’ai compris. Pendant trente ans, c’est toi qui te retrouvais exactement en face de ce même robinet de cuisine, la lumière apparaissant par la fenêtre pour illuminer tes cheveux blancs. Seule, tu étais. Tes enfants étaient grands. Seule. Ton mari partait la semaine travailler loin d’ici. Et il n’y avait qu’une personne dans le public pour acclamer le ballet de casseroles et d’assiettes venant s’empiler. Toi. Et tu le faisais sans rechigner. Parce qu’il y avait cette mélodie dans ton ADN, qui chantait et qui chantait sans même que tu ne t’en rende compte :
«Je vais donner, donner.
Sans jamais cesser.
Ce qui de joie me rempli
C’est sur leurs lèvres, ces sourires »

Un jour, en faisant la vaisselle, tu m’as confié le secret, à l’origine de ton refus de posséder un lave-vaisselle. Ça m’a foutu par terre. Tu m’as dit :

« Si j’avais un lave-vaisselle, il suffirait de vider et remplir la machine. Et ce serait bouclé en 3 minutes. Mais faire la vaisselle à la main, ça prend du temps. Rincer, laver, sécher. Tu ne peux pas te défiler, tu es obligé de le faire. Quand j’avais ton âge, à la maison, il y avait des piles de vaisselles immenses à faire. On ne pouvait pas se défiler. On étaient obligées de le faire. Et figure-toi, que c’est au milieu des bulles de savon et des tas d’assiettes et de couverts, que ma mère et mes sœurs, on pouvaient discuter. Se raconter toutes sortes d’histoire. Ces moments n’auraient jamais existés, si nous n’avions pas étés dans un premier temps coincées dans une cuisine à faire la vaisselle. Si j’avais un lave-vaisselle, il y a plein d’histoires que toi et moi, on n’auraient jamais pu se raconter. Si j’achetais un lave-vaisselle, tous ces moments seraient perdus. Et ça, je ne peux l’accepter. Alors, je refuse. Je me remonte les manches et je fais ce qui a besoin d’être fait. »

Je ne savais pas qu’on pouvait refaire le monde autour d’un robinet de cuisine, de bulles de savon, et de tas d’assiettes et de couverts. Je ne savais pas non plus qu’arracher l’éponge des mains de sa petite-fille pouvait être une preuve d’amour, disant par des actes «ma chérie, laisse-moi prendre soin de toi ».

Aujourd’hui je suis si reconnaissante pour ces heures que j’ai pu passée dans la cuisine à tes côtés. Toi à faire la vaisselle, et moi m’incrustant auprès de toi pour sécher. Pour donner, donner. Pour refaire le monde et se raconter des histoires.
Dont une, juste comme celle-là. ❤